The Book


“…Thought-provoking… Aid agencies
ignore complexity to their own detriment…”
The Economist

“…Important and relevant for the aid
Financial Times

“…Sets a new milestone in the aid
debate… Required reading…”
The Guardian

“…Rich in good values and respect for the challenges of development. Aid agencies would do well to move robustly in the directions Ramalingam proposes…”
The Lancet

“…Explains an important global
activity few outsiders understand, and
important scientific ideas that might yet
turn it around…”
New Scientist

“…Fosters a new aid paradigm…”




♦ A groundbreaking and acclaimed book on the past, present and future of foreign aid and the power
of new scientific breakthroughs to transform aid
policy and practice

♦ Endorsed by leaders, bestselling authors and
top scientists
, including three Nobel prize winners

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